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Cleanings & Exams

Dr. Therese and her team at Pleasant Valley Dentistry care about your health! In addition to being vital to your smile and ability to properly eat and speak, oral health has been linked to systemic health. This is why it is important to be seen regularly for cleanings and checkups, including x-rays, to ensure that your dental team can make recommendations to keep you in ideal health. 

Cleanings & Deep Cleanings

An essential part of your routine dental care is being seen on a regular basis to have your teeth cleaned.

Dr. Therese and her staff will ensure that your visit is gentle and thorough and that you leave with a gleaming fresh smile and plenty of complimentary gifts. An important part of your oral health is maintaining that fresh smile at home, so our staff at Pleasant Valley Dentistry will be sure to provide you with educational materials and home-care recommendations.

If it has been many years since your last cleaning or you have a tendency to build up tartar underneath your gums, we may recommended that you have a deep cleaning rather than a traditional cleaning. Periodontal disease is a condition in which inflammation from tartar buildup causes loss of the supporting bone around your teeth. It is the leading cause of adult tooth loosening and early loss. 

A deep cleaning is one part of the approach recommended by Dr. Therese to slow the progression of this incurable disease process. This type of a cleaning enables your dental provider to reach otherwise difficult areas to remove any buildup that is causing inflammation in your gums and bone.

After completion of your deep cleaning, your future cleanings will be similar to a traditional cleaning and will be done at more frequent intervals to maintain your health. 

Digital X-Rays

At Pleasant Valley Dentistry, we use some of the most advanced technology in dental radiographs. Our x-rays are entirely digital, ensuring vastly superior patient safety and minimal radiation exposure. We utilize protective radiation shields on all patients to further reduce your exposure to x-rays. 

Dr. Therese will make individualized recommendations for how many x-rays would best be suited for you and how often they should be updated. X-rays enable us to visualize cavities and infections that might have otherwise been missed on a visual exam. In addition, x-rays are part of our oral cancer screening because they can show pathology within your jawbone that may be a precursor for cancer. 

Oral Cancer Screening

In addition to a thorough examination of your jaw joints, gums, and teeth, Dr. Therese and her staff will screen you visually for signs of oral cancer. In addition to the more well-known contributors to oral cancer, including tobacco products, the rising prevalence of human papilloma virus (HPV) is becoming a common cause of diseases of the mouth and throat, including cancer. 

There are many reasons to be seen for a dental exam and cleaning! Whether you have been a regular dental patient or have taken many years off, now is the time to meet our friendly, compassionate staff and ensure your oral health is being monitored.

Call our office to schedule an appointment!