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If you are currently missing some or all of your teeth, dentures may be an option for you to maintain your smile.

Losing teeth can be an embarrassing ordeal, but at Pleasant Valley Dentistry, Dr. Therese and her staff will treat you with compassion and care when providing you with this treatment option.

Immediate Dentures

Dr. Therese develops a unique treatment plan for each individual patient based on his or her needs. In some cases of advanced dental cavities or gum disease, some or all of your teeth may be recommended for removal.

Dr. Therese will create an approach that will provide you with the most comfortable transition to dentures, and in most cases, will ensure that you are never left without teeth during the process.

Immediate dentures are one such treatment and can be an excellent option for cosmetically minded patients. In this approach, your denture will be provided to you on the same day as tooth removal so that you can feel confident and continue smiling without delay.

Partial Dentures

At the core of our philosophy at Pleasant Valley Dentistry is comprehensive dental care.

Part of this is the value we place on maintaining maximum chewing function and bite stability. If you are missing some, but not all, of your teeth, a partial denture may be an excellent option for maintaining your bite in a more cost-effective way than bridges or implants.

Dr. Therese will evaluate you on an individual basis to assess whether you are a good candidate for this treatment, and she will also discuss with you the pros and cons of any alternative treatment approaches.

Implant Dentures

Keeping ahead of rapidly expanding technologies in dentistry allows patients to have better, more comfortable, and longer-lasting dental treatments. The advancements of dental implants have led to great successes in denture treatments. Traditional methods of denture fabrication often led to unsatisfied patients due to loose, ill-fitting dentures.

Today’s patients want the confidence of knowing their dentures stay in securely and won’t dislodge spontaneously. Dental implants can be an excellent treatment option to improve denture stability and even retain dentures that don’t require frequent removal. They can also often be incorporated into a pre-existing denture to improve its fit.

Dr. Therese will provide recommendations about your options based on your individual needs. She often recommends 2 to 4 implants on your lower jaw as an excellent way to improve the fit of one of dentistry’s most challenging restorations, the full lower denture.

If she recommends implants in conjunction with your denture, Dr. Therese will work in close conjunction with both a specialized surgeon and her lab technician to ensure that your final result is satisfactory.

If you or someone you know is in need of a denture, call the caring and compassionate staff at Pleasant Valley Dentistry to set up an appointment.