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Root Canal Therapy

At the core of Dr. Therese’s practice philosophy at Pleasant Valley Dentistry is the value she places on keeping one’s natural teeth. Maintaining sufficient chewing function and bite stability is critical to a high quality of life, and this requires our greatest efforts to save teeth if at all possible.

Occasionally in the lifetime of a tooth, certain circumstances may require advanced treatment. Root canal therapy is an important treatment option to consider in many cases as an alternative to losing a natural tooth. This procedure may be recommended in a variety of circumstances, including:

  • Advanced dental decay
  • Dental infection originating in a tooth
  • Tooth pain related to a large filling
  • Fractured tooth
  • Limited tooth structure remaining to support restorative material

The Procedure

The purpose of root canal therapy is to remove the nerve and blood supply from within the tooth, leaving the core tooth structure still intact and allowing for continued long-term function. Removal of the nerve aims to eliminate the unpleasant sensation from a tooth, as well as to clear up any infection that may have formed.

At Pleasant Valley Dentistry, Dr. Therese may opt to complete your root canal in the office or refer you to a specialized dental provider, depending on the complexity of the individual tooth.

For cases completed in-house, Dr. Therese will ensure that you are fully anesthetized for maximum comfort. She uses high-powered magnification and advanced rotary instruments to successfully and thoroughly treat the tooth, as well as isolation techniques to ensure maximum sterility and safety throughout the procedure.

Should Dr. Therese elect to refer you to a specialized office, she will introduce you to one of her trusted colleagues for your root canal treatment and will be in communication with them to ensure you are treated in a timely and compassionate manner. After your procedure is completed, you will return to Pleasant Valley Dentistry to complete any additional treatment necessary on the tooth.

After Root Canal Therapy

In most cases, after receiving root canal therapy, we will strongly encourage protecting the tooth (and the investment you made in keeping it) by sealing and covering the tooth with a dental crown. The process of removing the tooth nerve eliminates tooth pain and infection, but also makes the tooth brittle and prone to fracture.

A root canal-treated tooth that is not protected is likely to break and require removal. Comprehensive treatment to maintain your teeth for a lifetime is our biggest goal at Pleasant Valley Dentistry. 

If you exhibit any of the symptoms described above, please call our office to set up an appointment. Dr. Therese will be happy to consult with you regarding your specific dental needs and walk you through further details regarding this procedure.