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Whether you are looking to revitalize a dull, discolored smile or you have an important event coming up for which you want to look your best, professional teeth whitening can help you achieve confidence in a beautiful smile!

Dr. Therese and her highly trained staff can talk with you about your goals and help you decide whether you would be a candidate for teeth whitening.

Professional Quality

Over-the-counter whitening products typically have low-strength ingredients that tend to become ineffective over time due to unstable chemical reactions.

Dr. Therese uses high-quality, effective materials at peak potency to provide you with impressive and lasting results. A variety of whitening products are available to you depending on your whitening needs, ranging from those desiring a modest boost in brightness to a dazzling transformation.

For some individuals who have severely darkened or stained teeth due to years of discoloration or medication staining in childhood, additional techniques may be required. For these patients, Dr. Therese utilizes KöR whitening, the highest quality whitening products backed by science, and follows a very specific protocol to achieve results that can be achieved by no other system. For more information, visit KöR’s website


Each patient has unique circumstances that will affect the outcome of their whitening treatment. 

Old, discolored fillings or “bonding” on front teeth will not change color with tooth whitening, nor will dental crowns or veneers. If you wish to whiten your smile and have any of these restorations, Dr. Therese will discuss with you how best to achieve your goals and develop a treatment plan to reach your ultimate smile. 

What to Expect

Dr. Therese bases her clinical recommendations on proven science and her own clinical results. For this reason, she treats nearly all her whitening patients with custom-fitted dental trays and high-quality bleaching materials to be worn at home at your convenience.

Her classic and effective approach requires only the most challenging cases to return for an in-office session; this means each patient is given a unique treatment plan that is both cost- and time-efficient for their specific needs.

Your whitening treatment plan will start with a conversation about your goals and digital photographs to document your progress. High-detail impressions will be taken of your teeth for fabrication of your custom trays.

You will then be provided with your trays and whitening solution, along with instructions and resources, to be used at home for a specified duration of time. If your original tooth coloration will require more advanced whitening techniques, you will also be scheduled for an in-office whitening visit.

Once your whitening is complete, additional photographs will be taken to evaluate your “before” and “after” smile makeover, and recommendations to maintain your new smile will be provided.

Call our office now to set up an appointment to discuss whitening and brightening your smile!

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